What is Node.js?

In two words Node.js is a runtime environment. What it is exactly is an open-source JavaScript (hence the JS denotation) for network applications building. It allows NodeJS developers(programmers/coders) to execute the code on the server side. Meaning: on own computer or straight in a browser.

Node.js is light, scalable and fast way to write scripts.

Now, it is a well established part of so called JavaScript paradigm. It allows and unifies app development, removing the need for different languages. Node.js is mainly in use to create web applications in real-time. However, mobile app development is also possible, thanks to whole Node.js ecosystem. And its package manager – NPM, in particular.

With Node.js you are able to use the code or scripts that have been written in other languages, as well.

NodeJS website – https://nodejs.org/

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